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Broadmeadow, NSW 2292
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Ambasador's Visit to Newcastle

The Ambasador of RP, Mr Andrzej Jaroszynski and his wife, have visited Newcastle on 2nd and 3rd of September 2012. This visit, organised by Polish Association of Newacastle, was part of the celebration of the Year of Korczak, celebration of the Warsaw Uprising and Beginning of the II World War Anniversaries. Special meeting has been held in Polish House in Broadmeadow. After special presentation presented by Mr Jaroszynski all participants have enjoyed very tasty dinner followed by show presented by children from the Polish School.

Polish Association of Newcastle has been established on 3rd August 1952. Association can be proud of the extraordinary cultural and material achievements. At present younger generation of the polish migrants is continuing the work started in 1952 and trying to extend its functions into the future to serve Polish community in Newcastle and Hunter Region in the best possible and most attractive way.

Marian Radny
President of the Polish Association of Newcastle